Kuwait Traffic Fines 2018 List

The system of Kuwait Traffic Fines 2018 is one of the most sophisticated and the reason is that there has been a lot of effort put in by the Kuwait Traffic Police Department to make it easy to pay these fines by the offenders. Some of the things they have done to make it user-friendly and simple are that there have made sure all citizens know about the clear distinction between direct traffic fines and indirect traffic fines. There are signs and boards erected for everyone to know about traffic norms and regulations leaving little or no space for any kind of confusion.

There are various kinds of Kuwait traffic police fines but they are not just confined to the traffic police department in Kuwait. There is a fully functional traffic police court in Kuwait which also takes the active part in giving out penalties to those who have violated the traffic rules and regulations. Both these branches of the traffic police department work either together or hand in hand. For example, if someone is caught violating a traffic law like driving a vehicle without permission to drive then not only will he be charged with a traffic fine but he will also be serving three months imprisonment (which is issued not by the traffic police but by the traffic police court)

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Creating Traffic Awareness:

In Kuwait, it is considered extremely important that all the citizens residing in Kuwait have a fair amount of understanding of the traffic rules and regulations. This is what they consider the first step in eradication traffic violations and giving rise to discipline being observed on the roads.

Some extremely good measures are also taken by the traffic police department in Kuwait like putting in detailed traffic police booklets in vehicles so that even minor traffic violations (which can undoubtedly lead to serious accidents) are avoided at all costs. These booklets have a proper definition of traffic rules, regulations, law breaking and an extremely comprehensive list of violations along with Kuwait Traffic fines 2018 as issued by the police department as well as the traffic police court.

There is an ever increasing idea of traffic anxiety in the roads of Kuwait which can only be taken care of if the people of Kuwait, including pedestrians as well as people, moving about in vehicles; cooperate at all costs and make sure that they are efficient and responsible citizens of the Emirates.

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