Traffic Fines List and Violations

Traffic rules are extremely important to abide by no matter where in the globe one resides in. Traffic fines list is a help for us rather than being a trouble. It is absolutely necessary to realize that we as a citizen of any country in the world are supposed to follow the traffic rules without any sort of questioning.

Traffic Fines List

Road safety is an extremely important idea and traffic violations list is only made in order to make sure that each one of us becomes a responsible traveler on the roads. It should be considered a fundamental duty that each one of us goes through all of these rules and regulations so that as soon as we step out on the roads, we know what our rights and duties are. It is most definitely a two-way process in which both pedestrians and people traveling in vehicles have to take part in. The fines that have been set in the UAE by the designated authorities are not something which is there to make a person feel ashamed of what he did but they are there to help create a better traffic environment which is safe for each and everyone stepping out on the roads. Like every country, the UAE has a pre-determined traffic fines list which is available in print form as well as online data. This article will be discussing the importance and value of the traffic violations which is there in places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait etc.

Knowledge of Traffic Rules:

Living in any country of the world, we do have a vague idea of what kind of traffic rules would or would not apply. However, there are certain rules and regulations which are undoubtedly considered extremely important to be followed and that too without the exception of any country. It is because of these very rules and regulations on the road (for the traffic including people in vehicles and outside) that traffic fines list is created. Let it be USA, UAE, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait or any other country; human life is the most important and it should not be lost for any kind of rule breaking.

Sometimes there are some unsaid rules and regulations which are not really written on paper but are considered important because of various other reasons. For example, honking at other vehicles as well as pedestrians is considered fairly normal in the Asian continent whereas it is considered to be extremely rude and unnecessary in countries especially like the US and UAE. List of traffic fines is there to make it easier for each one of us to commute from one place to another. Some really basic and well-known fines are racing, driving under the influence, jumping a red light, overtaking, heavy vehicle lane discipline etc. are out there on the table for us but despite all that there are times when we see people being pulled over for these very reasons and they are made to pay fines. These fines are charged (and they are really heavy at times) to create an attitude in the community where each one of us respects the other person and does not start believing that only his presence on the road matters and no one else's. There are certain really major traffic violation fines in which you not only pay the fine but also serve jail time. It is done so because these are serious offences whose intensity can actually take lives and disrupt the traffic system. Overtaking on the hard shoulder is one of these offences in the UAE where one needs to serve a jail time for minimum one month. This penalty was revised in the year 2014 as different rules had been set up before that.

Sometimes, we indulge in activities which are solely based on our emotional drive. These can actually lead us towards very serious accidents. One of them is commonly seen which is making a child of 10 years or under sit on the driver's seat or on the driver's lap. This is a really serious offence which can actually take the life on not just one but many. Hence, the traffic list fines for this particular offence are also listed and followed pretty seriously.

There is an important idea of "black points" which is there for all such offences. The reason for making these black points something important is that they go into your record. It is better to have a clean record and as soon as the black points begin increasing on your driver information it decreases your chances of getting rid of them and saving you from future traffic violation fines list. It is also important in the UAE and in the US to have your vehicle in a clean, safe and working condition. If your vehicle fails to be in the right condition and is seen on the road by the traffic police, there is a huge chance the driver will get fined owing to whatever category he/she falls in according to the traffic fines list.

As responsible citizens, we need to know the importance and value of all the traffic signs, rules and regulations. These are important and it should be kept well in mind that if any of fails to follow them, they will be fined according to the said rules.

traffic fines list

Most Common Traffic Violations

Here are some of the most common traffic violations:
Dangerous Driving
Evading a police officer
Driving incident resulting in death
Causing damage to another vehicle
Parking in a "no parking" area
Driving without a fastened seat belt

Allowing a child under 10 years of age to ride in the front seat
Failure to pull over for emergency vehicles
Failure to cede right of way to pedestrians
Failure to follow traffic signs
Driving with a license issued by a foreign country (when not allowed)
Parking illegally on road shoulder (non-emergency)
Broken signal lights
No license plates
Running a red light
Not signaling
Crossing the median
Driving in car pool lane
Not stopping for school bus
Not stopping for pedestrians
Driving on shoulder
Passing in a no passing zone

Drunk driving
Driving without a license, insurance, or registration
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